Be a part of YWCA’s historic building renovation.

Named giving opportunities are available for all gifts of $10,000 and more. Donate here or contact Linda Cavaioli to discuss your interest.

Child Care

Infant/Toddler Classroom Wing$1,000,000
Preschool Classroom Wing$500,000 to $1,000,000
Infant/Toddler Playground$500,000
Preschool Playground$500,000
Preschool Classrooms (4)$50,000 (1 Reserved)
Toddler Classrooms (4)$25,000
Pre-K Classrooms (3)$25,000 (1 Reserved)
Teacher’s Lounge$20,000 (Reserved)
Infant Rooms (2)$10,000 (2 Reserved)
Parent/Teacher Conference Room$15,000 (Reserved)

Transitional Housing

Common Areas (2)$25,000 (2 Reserved)
ADA Bedrooms (3)$15,000
Laundry Room (2)$15,000 (1 Reserved)
Bathrooms (2)$15,000
Bedrooms (44)$10,000

Administration & General

Admin Program and Office Wing$500,000
Front Desk$300,000
Floating Stairwell$225,000
Lobby Seating Area$225,000 (Reserved)
Elevator$100,000 (Reserved)
Relocated Committee Room$100,000
Outdoor Benches (3)$10,000 (2 Reserved)
Bicycle Racks (3)$10,000 (2 Reserved)

Women’s Economic Empowerment

Girls Choice/Young Parent Program Classrooms (2)$50,000 (2 Reserved)
Girls Choice/Young Parent Program Counseling
Rooms (2)
$25,000 (2 Reserved)

Domestic Violence Services

Lower Level Wing $500,000 to $1,000,000
Group Support & Meeting Room $100,000 (Reserved)
Landscape Garden $100,000 (Reserved)
Family Counseling Room (2) $75,000
Private Counseling Rooms (2) $50,000
Waiting Room $50,000

Women’s Health Equity

Cardio & Strength Rooms—Equipment Upgrades$100,000
Women’s Locker Room$75,000
Men’s Locker Room$75,000
Family Changing Area (2)$50,000
Natatorium Patio Garden$50,000 (Reserved)
Youth Enrichment Room$50,000